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Incredible design, communication, and organizational skills along with the best spirit

Tireless work ethic and a breath of fresh air with immense knowledge, expertise, and connections in the Charleston wedding market 

Seamlessly guides you through the whole process, keeping you on track, using a system that tracks every piece of the wedding to make sure all stayed on schedule

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Top industry vendors secured in a timely manner and keeping within budget 

Understands your vision even when you’re not quite sure what it is

Responds IMMEDIATELY to any questions you have and makes herself and opinion available when needed and takes a supportive back seat when you have a vision


Wittiness and great energy

A listener, picking up on intimate details, drawing out exactly what is liked and disliked.

Perfect mixture of fairy godmother and boss lady - professional, passionate, creative, and caring individual

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Amy is the perfect mixture of fairy godmother and boss lady.  Two attorneys trying to plan a wedding spelled disaster, so we knew immediately that we needed a wedding planner.  After interviewing quite a few people in the Charleston area, we knew instantly we had found our planner just a few minutes into talking with her.  Best decision we made throughout the whole process. We followed her guidance closely and had the most beautiful, fun day of our lives.  We look at pictures to this day and still wonder how she made it so perfect for us. 

The task and responsibility behind the title "mother of the bride" is not as easy of a role as I originally thought it would be. When my only child and daughter first became engaged and we began discussing wedding ideas, she immediately thought of her trip with her now husband in Charleston, South Carolina. She spoke of the romantic settings, beautiful architecture and amazing southern cuisine and could easily envision her special day in this city.

Amy DeVito is literally God sent. My husband and I worked with Amy for our wedding at Middleton Place. We live in New York City and have very demanding careers and schedules but had a very specific vision and exacting standards for our wedding that we didn’t want to sacrifice.  It would have been way too much for me to have planned myself, especially remotely. 

Amy made our special day absolutely perfect. getting married in Charleston during hurricane season was not something i had thought about and luckily she handled every single detail perfectly. as a bride who was having a Destination wedding and handling things from New York she made sure everything (even during a hurricane) was planned to perfection and handled.(even during a hurricane) was planned to perfection and handled.

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